Repeaters & Trunking

We sell radio infrastructure from L3Harris, Tait, and JVCKenwood. We deploy systems with industry standard antenna equipment from brands like TX/RX, CommScope, Laird, and Times Microwave.

Analog vs. Digital

Why should you upgrade from analog to digital? Digital radio systems provide superior coverage and audio quality, while packed with features you need like Caller ID, Individual Calling, and Emergency functions. Plus, basic encryption is available to keep your conversations private. Digital systems are also more efficient at using crowded radio spectrum and satisfy future narrow banding requirements.

What is Trunking?

A trunked radio system allows multiple virtual channels, or “talkgroups,” to share a set of repeaters. Much like the line at the bank, as radios request to speak on their talkgroup, they are assigned a free repeater. Once the repeaters are all busy, any additional request will be placed in the queue and will wait until a repeater frees up. This allows significantly more users and channels to make efficient use of available repeaters.

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The entry level NEXEDGE repeater system from Kenwood, the NXR-710/810, will operate in both analog and NXDN Conventional digital. In addition, Kenwood offers NXR-5000 series repeaters which can operate in analog, NXDN Conventional, and NXDN Type-C Trunking. NEXEDGE is capable of operating in Very Narrow Band (6.25 kHz), making these systems future-proof in crowded radio spectrum.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Kenwood offers an entry-level TKR-D710/D810 repeater that is capable of both analog and DMR Tier II Conventional. Kenwood Kairos repeaters operate in analog DMR Tier II Conventional, proprietary DMR Tier II “S-Trunking,” and traditional DMR Tier III Trunking.

We also have DMR offerings from Tait in the TB9300, TB9400, and TB7300. The Tait infrastructure is capable of analog, DMR Tier II, and DMR Tier III.

Our P25 offerings include EF Johnson’s Atlas, L3Harris’ MASTR V, and Tait’s TB9100, TB7300, and TB9400. All three manufacturers’ equipment is capable of P25 Conventional, P25 Phase 1 Trunking, and P25 Phase 2 Trunking.

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