NXDN, DMR, and Analog Radios

We carry traditional analog FM radio transceivers by Kenwood. In addition, all of our digital radio offerings are backwards compatible with your analog systems.

We carry Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier II and Tier III radios by Kenwood and Tait.

Tait Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) family.

We also carry NXDN Conventional and Trunked radios by Kenwood.

Kenwood NX-3000 series digital radios with DMR or NXDN capability

Multi-Protocol radios are available from Kenwood in the NX-5000 series radios which will do any two of the three digital standards (P25, NXDN, DMR) as well as analog.

Kenwood NX-5000 digital portable radio with support for DMR, NXDN, and P25
Kenwood NX-5000 digital mobile radio with support for DMR, NXDN, and P25.