Make your communication
networks work for you.

Commercial Radio Services is one of the Midwest’s leading critical communications providers.

Offering 365 day a year, 24/7 emergency service, our family owned and operated business helps you depend on your equipment and sustain your own successful business. We are proud to support a variety of premier vendors and would love to add your name to our growing list.

For Emergency Service

to speak with a representative or receive instructions on how to reach a technician on call.

We proudly service public safety, government, education, and enterprise-level industries with:

• Two-Way Wireless Communications

• E911 Radio Dispatch and PSAP Solutions

• Station Alerting, Paging, and Mass Alerting

• Fleet Management
• Physical Security, Surveillance, and Access Control

• Communications Infrastructure Design and Deployment

• Technology Solutions for City  Services, Utilities, Healthcare, and Education Institutions
• IP Telephony

• Public Safety Communications Interoperability Solutions

• Regulatory Compliance, FCC Licensing, Financing & Funding

• Two-Way Radio Rental

Our Venders